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Finansbank Head Office VIP Floor
Finansbank Head Office VIP Floor

13th and 14 th floor interior design project and arch. supervision

1000 m2

This is a design in accordance with the new executive concepts of the bank’s top-level offices.

The design layout forecasts executives working in contemporary, confidence inspiring spaces designed with plainly defined lines.

The doors that open into the spaces extend to the ceiling and are of non-standard dimensions.

The austerity and bareness of the spaces achieve movement and color only through the contrast of artworks.

Light filters in the spaces through hidden details and is conveyed into the desired spaces in a powerful manner via controlled stages.

The language unity in the moving furniture and the contemporary timelessness accentuates a common language in all the executive rooms of the corporation.


Photos by Gürkan Akay

project architects Sibel Dalokay Bozer, Yonca Köse, Burçin Parlak, Elvan Dervişoğlu

©2012 sdbmimarlık

designed by Katalist