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Port Alaçatı – Yamaç A House
Port Alaçatı – Yamaç A House
interior design project and application 
Alaçatı İzmir

Situated within the Port Alaçatı Cliff Homes, this home has been renovated with natural materials and few details by eliminating the unnecessary details from the aspect of the physical environs it finds itself in.

It was designed as an enjoyable, comfortable, genuine and illuminated house, purposefully integrating the interior and exterior spaces.

All coatings, kitchens, bookcases and other units were designed and produced without breaking away from the architectural integrity of the home.


Landscape project design by DDS Dalokay Design Studio


Photos by Gürkan Akay

project architects Sibel Dalokay Bozer, Burçin Parlak, Yonca Köse

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