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Clinic Gallery
Clinic Gallery

interior design project

1000 m2

This is a venue design comprised of display, panel, café and multi-purpose spaces for firm’s corporate clients in the pharmaceutical sector.

The entrance reception area layout features a illuminated stretched ceiling with lighting and a dark composite stone coating on the floor.

The irregular façade of the exhibition hall is covered with a perforated translucent cage wall in the integrity of the concept whereas passage has been provided from the spaces which are formed fron the diagonal angles.

Dynamism in the space and integrity in the design has been achieved iwith similar diagonal angles which are used in the reception counteres.

In keeping with the modular, flexible and aesthetic structure, the Burkhardt Leitner display system has been used in the display panels.


project architects Sibel Dalokay Bozer, Gökçe Özkaya, Elvan Dervişoğlu, Osman Özmen

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