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Private House
Private House

interior design project

1200 m2

In private residence, interior spatial solutions have been designed and based on functionalty of the daily life of homeowners on upmost comfort.

During design process, the upper terrace and garden service courtyard has been included in the interior venue spaces.

Natural and durable materials were preferred in the material selection for the house interior.

Due to limited daylight conditions, the entrance and circulations are clad with light and soft toned Perlino marble.

The warm atmosphere created with smoked oak floor beams on the upper floors becomes integrated with a selection of modern furniture. The house’s high-ceiled entryway was designed and arranged as a reception space with the aura of an art gallery.

In addition to the requirements of a modern lifestyle, there is a wine tasting cellar, a spa and sauna on the ground floor while the first floor features a garden complimented by a fitness space.

project architects Sibel Dalokay Bozer, Elvan Dervişoğlu, Soner Demirel, Aylin Çorakçı

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