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Finansbank İzmir Regional Directorate Offices

Finansbank İzmir Regional Directorate Offices

architectural and interior design project 
(in collaboration with Boran Ekinci Architecture)
4000 m2

The structure has a narrow front facade as it is part of a row of buildings. The program consists of basement garages, bank offices on ground floor and mezzanine, group offices on intermediary floors and multi-purpose cafeteria and seminar rooms on the terrace. The service halls, stairwells, lifts and units were planned on the blind edges adjoining neighboring buildings. Thus achieving a single open office space between. The same principle and organization were reflected upon the two main facades on the third dimension and at the terrace, joined by a large beam at roof level to close the frame. The purity in architectural manner of the facades and interiors was extended to the selection of materials and details.

The three different functional program are expressed on the stone clad frame of the front facade. There is a plain glass facade on the ground and mezzanine levels and a green glass clad facade, segmented by horizontal lines along the height of the office floors and the cafeteria terrace that is hollowed out and pulled back underneath the frame line. The entrance lobby was designed as an inner prestige court by utilizing the double floor space created by the mezzanine.

project architects Sibel Dalokay Bozer, Banu Satıbol, Ufuk Buluttekin, Nilay Arslan

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