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FİBA Holding
FİBA Holding

interior design project and arch. supervision

Levent Plaza İstanbul
2600 m2

Situated on the 8th, 9th and 10th floors of the Levent Plaza, the FIBA HOLDING Executive Office responds to the office requirements of the new formations within the expanding and growing holding structure. It was designed with the goal of positioning FIBA’s upper management in a corporate venue.

Each floor is comprised of enclosed executive rooms, transparent enclosed interim executive rooms, group managers and the pertinent open office systems, two types of meeting and presentation rooms, large and small were and service spaces, as well as an entrance reflecting FIBA’s corporate identity with a reception counter and a back wall with logo. The technical hardware necessities and all the services which are comprised in the core surface of the existing building was formualted from coating surfaces designed in the same language which convey continuity with the reception wall.

While the strong architectural layout is bolstered by the materials used as well as a contemporary and timeless furniture selection, the coating-inner continuity has also been ensured in the office space.


project architects Sibel Dalokay Bozer, Hülya Boytorun, Arzu Şahin

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