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M.E Özyeğin House
M.E Özyeğin House
architectural / interior design project and arch. supervision
1500 m2

Having been completely restored in the year 2008, the home is located in the Tevfik Paşa Korusu on the Anatolian side of the Bosphorus and is a work of the esteemed architect Mehmet Konuralp’.
Once the building changed ownership, its new owners had it revamped according their their needs and today’s conditions.
The meaningless additions and unnecessary makeup which were added to the original structure over time were picked out, cleaned, whereas spaces were given a complete makeover.
In the planning of the home, the apertures and axis were brought out in order to ensure continuity and visuality at the axis that extends from the rear courtyard to the Bosphorus. The octagon geometries that could not be checkes were reshaped with a newly-defined inner covering.
The project transformed the structure into a happy family home offering a sense of calmness and robustness from a conscious repeat and continuity in the architectural, eyes and spiritual language that conveys wholeness from the outside to the inside.
The spaces in the home fed off the beautiful harmony of the gray Pietra Serena natural stone and the warmth of natural wood. The wide doors that slide into the inside of the wall provide continuity and visuality to the spaces and sometimes it also divided them.
Several artworks considered suitable for this project were designed and positioned in the interior and exterior spaces.


Photos by Gürkan Akay

project architects Sibel Dalokay Bozer, Özlem Balıcıdağ, Yonca Köse, Gökçe Özkaya

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