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C. Esirtgen House
C. Esirtgen House

architectural / interior design project and arch. supervision

1000 m2

The Kemer Country homes is a renovation project designed with the principle of simplifying the implemented typologic architecture without alienation.

An wood-covered and steel-construction auxiliary structure has been designed at a point near the pond as well as a semi-open steel-contruction veranda at the garden extension as an addition to the main building mass.

The house’s interior spaces ensure an illuminated and clear environment with sliding doors designed from the ceiling to the floor which provide an inner-outer relationship and which are widened at the facade.

All the materials that were used such as the natural stone and brushed special texture oak coverings, the white lacquer walls and units provide the home owners the opportunity for original, modern and comfortable utilization.

Starting from the project stage onwards, contemporary art collections that the homeowners have continued as a family tradition have been positioned and illuminated in a manner that befits the venue.


Landscape project design by DDS Dalokay Design Studio

Photos by Gürkan Akay

project architects Sibel Dalokay Bozer, Yonca Köse, Gökçe Özkaya, Burçin Parlak, Sasan Sahafi,

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