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Aspen 2012 Yapı Exhibition Stand

Aspen 2012 Yapı Exhibition Stand

concept design and arch. supervision

120 m2

This stand is designed to represent Aspen Firm at 2012 at Yapı Fuarı (Construction Fair)

Presenting various material and construction application methods, a roof structure designed to reflect the firm’s corporate identity has been planned.

In the design layout, a dynamic ceiling has been designed which is comprised of integrated special ceiling systems and a box created consisting of moving dorma panels within a raised floor modulation in the floor of the space it covers. 

The partition wall systems produced by the firm as well as the integrated information panels convey the purpose of providing visitors with information in an atmosphere of continual circulation.

From a graphics aspect, the colors, system logo and other typographies featured in Aspen’s corporate documentation compliment these surfaces, conveying signals regarding the corporation’s innovative and technological indentity.


Photos by Cemal Emden

project architects Sibel Dalokay Bozer, Atıl Beçin (OB Mimarlık), Burçin Parlak

©2012 sdbmimarlık

designed by Katalist