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Gama Holding Building
Gama Holding Building

interior design project

13.000 m2

All the offices within the Holding structure are gathered in a single prestigious building.

Designed with different purposes, the low-rise and high-rise structures were recomposed in a manner that would respond to several functions, while housing all all the offices within the holding structure.

In the low-rise mass, a new core features a recommended static reinforcement, thus ensuring healthy connection and circulation scenarios between the two building masses.

Where there are offices, VIP offices and a VIP lounge featured in the high-rise block, there are spaces such as project group offices, a restaurant cafeteria, a multi-purpose hall and a fitness room found in the low-rise mass.


Photos by Gürkan Akay

project architects Sibel Dalokay Bozer, Elvan Dervişoğlu, Osman Özmen, Gökçe Özkaya, Aylin Çorakcı, Yasemin Ayhan, Elif Yazıcı, Özgür Özal, Recep Semizoğlu, Arzu Şahin

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